Hansen Computers LLC

Web Design & Computer Repair

Web Design

Here are some examples of websites that I have designed. My web design abilities extend over a large area and encompass both back and front-end web development. Each website I design comes with a custom-built content management system which allows my clients to log in to their websites and change text, pictures, and much, much more! Scroll down to see more!

Web Hosting

If you are interested, I can host your website on my server for a charge of $80 per year (includes 2 email addresses). My server is a tried and true IBM rack server with two mirrored boot drives and a backup hard drive which updates every hour. In other words, theres no need to worry about losing any data (this includes website source, images, or emails).

Custom Email Addresses

If you have a website, you probably already know that you can make yourself an email address using your domain name (you@yourdomain.com). Godaddy and almost all registrars allow you to do this... for a price. If you want to be able to reliably send and receive mail, but host your website somewhere else, you can set the mail exchange DNS settings to point to my server. My server has spamassassin installed which automatically checks for rule updates each morning and filters out just about every spam message from the inboxes on my server. With standard hosting, 2 email accounts are included. This may be increased to as many as you would like for $10 per year per email address. Also, at the moment, all users have unlimited email storage space!

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