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If you are having problems with your computer, don't hesitate to give me a call! I have done an extensive amount of computer work for my clients over the past many years. I have done work for individual home owners as well as business owners. I have even installed Linux servers to serve email for an office building with comprehensive spam filtering with both secure IMAP access and secure web email access. Servers I install also come with an extensive backup system comprised of a separate hard drive which is backed up every hour and keeps recent backups of vital configuration files, emails, and entire website directories for the past 2 weeks. All this is done through a series of backup scripts I wrote for my own servers which serve all my clients' websites, email, and other important files.

As much as I would like to stick with installing servers, the majority of the computer work I do is individual household computer calls to setup iPads, install printers, install driver software, remove viruses, perform computer maintenance and cleanup, install additional hardware, and even teach clients how to perform certain tasks such as photo organization. I have also spent hours at many of my clients' households teaching them the ways of the Mac OS X operating system.

If you have a need for someone to install and maintain a server in your office to do DHCP, DNS, NAT routing, email, VPN, websites, keep an office database of purchases, or any other task, I'm confident I can accomplish what you need done.

Below is a list of a few testimonials I received from some clients for the computer work I accomplished for them over the years.


I have used Stephen Hansen for my computer service needs for the past several years. The great thing about Steve, is that he listens to people, and has excelllent assessment skills, so that his service tends to be quick and easy. He is especially great for people who already know a little bit about their computer, and are just looking for a quick fix.He knows how to get into the guts of your computer, and clean up the hard drive, or help get rid of viruses for example. He doesn't fool around with all the typical diagnostic fees, and other charges you frequently get from some of the brand name geek squads. He is thorough, to the point, and a real gem to work with. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a trustworthy,knowledgeable computer consultant.Maureen Eisenstein
Submitted on March 7 2013

Bob and I moved to the Pinehills in Plymouth, MA back in the summer of 2007. As with any move, the re-installation of our wireless internet service presented many problems. Stephen's name was given to me by a neighbor. Steve came to the rescue promptly, and had our service up and running in no time. Follow up visits, for other computer glitches were handled just as expertly. Steve is a very knowledgeable, courteous, and reliable young man. I highly recommend him for any of your computer / internet related needs.Mary Brunelle

Steve has helped me several times figure out both my hardware and software questions. He is a very reliable and capable tech person, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.Ellie Massie

Steve came to our home to help us install our new computer. Of course, he had it set up in record time, and explained quite a bit about the functions and capabilities of our iMac. I am a relative novice, with limited computer skills, and I think Steve is wonderfully patient in all aspects of helping me understand our new computer. I can't wait for him to return to help me increase my computer-eze and knowledge.Charlotte Wasserman

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