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Install the Root Certificate

Here are the instructions you need to install the root Certificate Authority for this website. If you are having problems accessing the Login page, you probably do not have the certificate for this website installed. After reading the instruction set relative to the internet browser you are using, click here to start the installation process.

Internet Explorer

The computer will ask you if you want to save or open the file, click "Open". Then, click "Install Certificate..." then "Next", then "Next" again, then "Finish", then "Yes". During those steps, the computer is asking you where you want to store the certificate (this option is already set correctly, no need to change anything), a summary of its actions, and confirming that you are installing the certificate. The sequence to install the certificate may be different if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7. In that case, you may need to click a button that says "Continue" or "Allow".

Mozilla Firefox

A message will come up saying "You have been asked to trust a new Certificate Authority." Below you will see some checkboxes. Click the checkbox next to "Trust this CA to identify web sites.", then click "OK".


Once you click on the link, the computer will download the certificate to the computer. If the downloads window does not open, open it by clicking on the "Window" menu and selecting the "Downloads" option. In the downloads window, double click the most recent download entitiled "ca-cert.crt" at the end of the list. An application called "Keychain Access" will open and a window will come up with a button entitled "Add" at the bottom. Click this button. You may need to enter your computer password for the process to complete.

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